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Rules of Visiting the Theatre

Dear spectators!
Please, be so kind as to pay attention to the main rules which are to be observed when visiting our theatre:

• When they are at the theatre, spectators must be careful with the theatre’s property, they must maintain public order and fire safety rules.
• Theatre and entertainment shows are held at the time listed on the tickets and invitations issued for those shows by the theatre.
• Spectators have the right to enter the theatre, the personnel and the buffet start working one hour before the show begins. The hall may be entered after the first ring of the bell. After the third ring of the bell entering the stalls and the circle is not allowed. The spectator who is late must occupy the seat offered by the usher (in the dress circle or in the balcony), and during the break he/she may occupy the seat listed on the ticket.
• Matinees and children shows start at 11:00, evening shows start at 18:30. You may check the time performances start on our web-site in “Playlist” part.
• It’s allowed to enter the hall fifteen minutes before the show starts, with the first ring of the bell.
• Each spectator who is more than three years old must have a ticket.
• Children are allowed to visit evening shows, if they have got a ticket, are older than five and are accompanied by adults.
• It’s not allowed to enter the hall in overcoats.
• It’s not allowed to enter the hall with food and drink.
• It’s not allowed to visit theatre shows in state of intoxication.
• According to our theatre rules, flowers are presented to performers by ushers after the show. If you have brought a bouquet, please give it to the usher beforehand and inform him/her, for whom it is meant.
• During the show, please switch off your mobile phone, or switch it to vibration regime.
• According to p.IV of Russian Federation Civil Code, theatre shows are intellectual property of the theatre and of the authors. In order to protect copyright, photo, filming, video or television recording, any kinds of audio-recording of shows or their fragments are forbidden, unless specially authorized by the theatre’s administration. Spectators are recommended to kindly cover up any video or photo recording means they have got on them after entering the hall.
• A purchased ticket for Samara Academic Opera House show can not be returned or exchanged for another.
• A ticket with corrections is considered to be invalid.
• The theatre administration bears no responsibility for validity of a ticket purchased from unauthorized dealers.
• Tickets may be ordered by phone at +7 846 333-42-66 (the theatre’s marketing and sales department), +7 846 332-25-09 (the theatre’s box office), or on the theatre’s official web-site Such tickets must be paid for, or the order must be confirmed not later than three days before the show. Unconfirmed orders are cancelled.
• If a show is cancelled or substituted for another one, or if the cast is substituted for another one, spectators have the right to give their tickets back to the theatre’s box office.
• If a show is put off for another date, the tickets purchased are considered to be valid.
• In case a spectator loses his/her cloak-room tag, he/she must pay back its value – 200 rubles.
• According to article 6 of the Federal Law dated 10 July 2001 № 87-ФЗ «On Restrictions Implied to Tobacco Smokers», smoking in the theatre is not allowed.
• Spectators who are at the theatre are forbidden to:
- go inside any enclosures that have been set up;
- open the windows;
- enter technical or other premises which are closed for visitors;
- make inscriptions or distribute advertisements, posters and other POS materials;
- sell or give out tickets, hold excursions;
- use audio technical gadgets with amplifying tools turned on, as well as sing, dance or play musical instruments;
- wear muddy clothes or carry things/products which may smear other spectators.
• Spectators must obey orders of the theatre’s personnel, and leave the theatre’s premises before closing time.
• Persons who don’t obey above-mentioned rules, disturb public order or do harm to other visitors’ life or health, may be taken away from the theatre premises by the theatre’s security service personnel. Depending on the kind of violation, the theatre’s administration may only warn, or hand the delinquent over to the police for further applicable measures to be taken.
• Material loss incurred by the theatre is to be paid back by any person who has caused it, in accordance with the law.

Thank You for Your kind understanding, and we wish You the most pleasant impressions!

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