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Don Quixote

“Don Quixote” is a ballet about heroic deeds in the name of kindness and justness of the “knight errant” and his devoted servant Sancho Panza. The libretto is based on just one episode from the novel, in which Don Quixote does a kind thing – helps the young lovers Kitri and Basil to become happy, in spite of the father’s will. This ballet is full of a great number of lively and varied dances. Having a lot of bright stage images, it has got a long life on ballet stage. Ballet-Master - Director – Distinguished Artist of Russia, awardee of the international ballet-masters contests, awardee of the Maurice Béjart’s prize Kirill Shmorgoner Conductor-Director – Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Kovalenko Art Director – Roman Ivanov (St Petersburg) Costumer - Distinguished Artist of Russia Irina Safronova (St Petersburg) Conductor – Distinguished Artist of Russia Boris Benkogenov Assistant Ballet-Master – Ekaterina Maximova Concert Masters: Daria Tarasenko, Ludmila Khramova, Elena Chernysheva, Irina Shashkova


A room in Don Quixote’s house. Having read some tales of chivalry, Don Quixote decides to set out in search of adventures, defend virtue and punish those who violate the code of honour. It occurs to him to make his servant Sancho Panza his armour-bearer.

Act I
Scene One

In front of Lorenzo’s inn in Barcelona, a holiday crowd has gathered.
Also there are Kitri, the flirtatious daughter of the innkeeper, and her lover Basilio, the barber, who has come to tease her; Basilio is over-attentive to Kitri’s friends.
Gamache, a rich and pompous nobleman, walks in, resplendent in his brocaded clothes. He has come to ask for the hand of the beautiful Kitri. Lorenzo would be delighted to have so highborn a gentleman for a son-in-law, but to Kitri the idea of marrying him is detestable. The innkeeper is shocked at his daughter’s impertinent manner towards Gamache.
A street dancer enters, cheered heartily by the crowd. The girl is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Espada, the famous toreador. Espada appears, accompanied by other toreadors. They dance, flourishing their cloaks, enacting scenes from a bullfight.
At the appearance of an extraordinary-looking horseman, the people are struck with astonishment. Sancho Panza blows a horn to announce the arrival of the knight-errant of la Mancha. Lorenzo welcomes the traveller in his tavern. Dancing continues. Kitri and Basil pledge in eternal love and run away.

Act II
Scene Two

On a glade beside the road, the Gypsies have a rest. Don Quixote and Sancho appear. The dance divertissement begins.
Don Quixote mistakes the mill for the Giants, and rushes to the mill wings, not listening to the exhortations of Sancho. Wings lifted him in the air, it breaks down. Sancho is fussing around him.

Scene Three
Exhausted Don Quixote decides to rest and settles down into a sleep and sees the Dryads, wood nymphs. Cupid releases an arrow at the heart of Don Quixote, igniting his love for the beautiful Dulcinea, which appears before him in the guise of leader of the Dryads.

Scene Four
Kitri and Basil run away in the tavern from Gamache and Lorenzo, who draw up with their and Lorenzo forcibly entrusts the hand of daughter to Gamache. Basile plays the scene of suicide, reproaching Kitri in treason.
Pretending to be mortally wounded, Basile implores to fulfill his last request – to bless their love. Kitri refers to Don Quixote that he persuaded his father to comply with the wishes of her lover. When Lorenzo blesses them, Basil "alive".

Scene Five

On the square in Barcelona the wedding procession, led by Kitri and Basil. Don Quixote here is the honored guest.
Wishing the happiness for the lovers, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza go out to the new wanderings.
Composer Ludwig Minkus (1826-1917). Libretto by M. Petipa based on the novel “The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha” by M. Serwantes. Choreography by M. Petipa and A. Gorsky
Genre: Ballet
Original title: Don Quixote
Title: Don Quixote
Duration: 2 часа 45 мин
Acts count: 3 parts, 5 scenes and prologue
Premiere date: 23 November 2010
Age restriction: 6+

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