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Famous “Chopeniana” is created with the music of mazurka, polonaise, Chopin’s waltz by the Russian ballet-master M.Fokin. This romantic composition starts the epoch of the modern Russian ballet, being an overture for the hard and not at all romantic ХХ century. This is a wonderfully staged performance, interesting from the point of view of combination and created in the style of the century before last. The ballet resurrects the graphic structure of the musical performances of the 30-40th years of the XIX century with their romantic weird mixture of the reality and fantasy. Ballet-master — People’s artist of USSR, awardee of the State prize of RSFSR named after M.I.Glinka Gabriella Komleva (St.Petersburg) Conductor-director — Yevgeniy Khokhlov Art director — Natalia Khokhlova Conductor — distinguished artist of Russia Boris Benkogenov
Frederic Chopin (1810-1849). Choreography by M.Fokin
Genre: Балет
Title: Chopiniana
Duration: 45 мин
Acts count: 1
Premiere date: 11 November 2011
Age restriction: 12+

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