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Futile Precaution

The ballet, which later received the name “Futile Precaution”, was first staged in 1789, several days before the Great French Revolution. Its contents corresponded to the époque: peasants were dancing on the stage, folk songs were used as the musical basis. The bride named Lisa refused a rich bridegroom whom she didn’t love and who was her mother’s dream, and married the poor peasant Colin who was the love of her heart. The original name was meant to shock dude fans of courteous art – “The Ballet of Hay”. Another name of the same ballet is “Badly Guided Daughter”, which hints at the anecdotic end of the story – the mother locks her naughty daughter in the hayloft, where Colin has hidden, as luck has it. The happy lovers hug each other. After that nothing else is left rather than allow the lovers to get wed. Not only had the ballet’s name changed. The music changed too: at different times the composers Lois Gerald and Peter Gertel created musical versions of their own. The ballet was first staged by the French ballet-master Jean Dobervalles. His choreography created two centuries ago didn’t reach us. After that many directors turned to that ballet, sometimes they made the story closer to contemporary life, and sometimes tried to restore the old-times ballet. The premiere (with different music used in one show) took place in Bordeaux on the 1st of July 1789, the premiere with F. Gerald’s music was in Paris in Grand Opera on the 27th of November 1828. Samara Academic Opera House turned to the comic ballet “Futile Precaution” with music by P. Gertel. Also a fragment of music from the ballet “Coppelia” by L. Delibes is used. Ballet-Master - Director – Distinguished Artist of Russia, awardee of the international ballet-masters contests, awardee of the Maurice Béjart’s prize Kirill Shmorgoner Conductor –Director – awardee of international contests prizes Victor Kulikov Conductor – Distinguished Artist of Russia Boris Benkogenov Art Director – Natalia Khokhlova Lighting Designer – Roman Krikunov Assistant Ballet-Master - Distinguished Artist of Russia Elena Kamenskaya
Composers Peter Gertel (1817-1899) and Leo Delibes (1836-1891) Libretto by J. Dobervalles.
Genre: Балет
Original title: La Fille mal gardée
Title: Futile Precaution
Duration: 1 час 50 мин
Acts count: 2
Premiere date: 25 February 2012
Age restriction: 12+

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