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Armida Pavilion

Russian ballets staged by the ballet-master M. Fokin were shown in Paris in the beginning of XX century and enjoyed a tremendous success. The whole world was amazed by expressive plastics of Russian dancers, by bright sets and costumes, by music’s energy. Samara Opera House has brought back to the stage the ballet “Armida Pavilion” with its original author’s choreography and original set design. The set design and costumes by A. Benua were reconstructed by awardee of Golden Medal of Russian Academy of Arts, awardee of S. Diagilev and V. Nizhinsky medals, awardee of “Art Patron” Order, awardee of “Public Recognition” prize, historian of fashion Alexander Vasilyev (Paris) Conductor-Director – Eugene Khokhlov Ballet Dancers’ Trainers and Coaches: Distinguished Artist of Russia Gennady Akachenok, Distinguished Artist of Russia Olga Barakhovskaya, Distinguished Artist of Russia Valentina Ponomarenko
Composer N. Tcherepnin (1873-1945). Libretto by A. Benua, based on the novel “Omphala” by Th. Gautier.
Genre: Балет
Title: Armida Pavilion
Acts count: 1
Premiere date: 20 October 2012
Age restriction: 12+

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