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The Queen of Spades

Conductor – Honoured Artist of Russia, People's Artist of the Republic of Belarus, laureate of the National Theatre Award "Golden Mask", laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus, Alexander Anisimov;
Choreographer – Honoured Artist of Russia, laureate of the International contests of ballet masters, laureate of Maurice Bejart award Cyril Shmorgoner;
Production Designer – Honoured Artist of Russia Felix Volosenkov (St. Petersburg);
Costume Designer – Elena Soloviova;
Photographer – Elizaveta Sukhova.

Summer garden.

The festively dressed citizens walk in the garden. Among them, lost in thought Herman. He is in love with a beautiful stranger, but she is rich and can not belong to him. The old Countess appears accompanied Lisa and Tomsky. Herman finds his beloved in this girl. Lisa excited of Herman’s passionate confession. The reciprocal feeling is born at her heart.
Tomsky entertains his friends by the story about the Countess. In her youth, she diced away her future in Paris. At the cost of assignation she learned from Count Saint-Germain the secret of the three cards and putting them, returned her loss. Chuckling, Tomsky offers to Herman to find out from the old woman the secret of the three cards.

German Room in the barracks.

Herman could not sleep at night. The story of the three cards is strongly acted on his imagination. He was dreaming ghost of the countess... cards... lovely image of Lisa...
The Herman’s thoughts are confusing. He can to become a fiance of Lisa, only if he gets rich. How the gain would help him if the old Countess open to him the secret of the three cards!

The masquerade.

The many guests invited on celebration. Dancing replace each other. The culmination of the holiday is a theatrical performance Pastoral "Sincerity of Shepherdess".
Lisa makes a date with Herman and gives the key from her room. Herman decided to draw a confession from the Countess.

Countess House.

Lisa awaits Herman in her room. Herman appears impatient. The lovers are given to your feelings.
Hearing the steps of the old Countess, Lisa moves away. Old Countess reminisces, but the sudden appearance of Herman scares her. Herman said the Countess of his love for Lisa and implores her to open the three cards. The old woman is silent. Enraged by the refusal Herman threatens her; the the Countess falls dead.

Herman Room in the barracks.

Herman in despair. He has only one thought: The Countess is dead, and he did not learn the secrets. In his sick imagination the phantasmagoric images arise: the cards whirling in a mad dance.
Suddenly the Countess' ghost in a white shroud appears and calls three cards: "Three, Seven, Ace".

Winter Canal.

Lisa suffers about the separation from Herman. She hopes to save him from fatal passion, to cure by love his sick soul. Hour after hour, slowly stretching time.
Herman appears covered by compulsive idea of gain. He pays no attention to Lisa. Pushing her into a fit of madness, he runs to the gambling house. Lisa desperately rushes into the water.

The gambling house.

Military and civilian clothes young people playing cards. Herman gets up against Tomsky. One after another, he puts two cards and wins. Such a spectacular game attracts everybody's attention.
Card game in the imagination of Herman seems like the real duel. At the time of the last delivery, instead of the announced the Ace in the hands of Herman is the Queen of Spades. In a frenzy, he looks at the card, which fancies him malicious smile of the old Countess. Herman goes mad.
Herman spends his days in a home for the insane. Before his mind's eye are familiar images. At the last minute he sees a light ghost of Lisa...
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лауреат всероссийского и международных конкурсов Виктор Мулыгин,
Александр Петриченко,
Дмитрий Пономарёв,
заслуженный артист России Алексей Турдиев

Диана Гимадеева,
лауреат международного и всероссийских конкурсов Екатерина Первушина,
дипломант международного конкурса Ксения Овчинникова

Анастасия Тетченко,
дипломант международного конкурсаКсения Овчинникова,
Дарья Климова,
Ульяна Шибанова

Графиня в молодости
Юлия Воробей,
Ольга Зиновьева,
Екатерина Максимова

Томский (Златогор)
дипломант международного конкурса Роман Геер,
Дмитрий Голубев,
Александр Петриченко,
заслуженный артист России Алексей Турдиев

Антон Зимин,
заслуженный артист Кубани Михаил Зиновьев,
Евгений Турдиев

Три карты - тройка, семерка, туз
лауреат всероссийского конкурса Эльвира Ахмадишина,
Диана Гимадеева,
Ольга Зиновьева,
Андрей Иванов,
Виктория Кокшарова,
Марина Накадзима,
лауреат всероссийских и международного конкурсов Алексей Савин,
Дмитрий Сагдеев,
Даниил Сивков,
Канако Хатанака,
Илья Черкасов,
Артём Шалин


Диана Гимадеева,
Ольга Зиновьева,
Марина Накадзима

лауреат всероссийских и международного конкурсов Алексей Савин,
Даниил Сивков,
Илья Черкасов

Гуляющие в летнем саду, гости на балу, игроки - солисты и артисты балета.
On the music of Alexander Tchaikovsky (b. 1946)
Based on the opera by Pyotr Tchaikovsky and the story by Alexander Pushkin "The Queen of Spades"
Genre: Ballet
Title: The Queen of Spades
Duration: 1 час 50 мин
Acts count: 2
Premiere date: 06 June 2013
Age restriction: 12+

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