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Daria Klimova

Odette - Odylliya, Pas de trois, the Adult Swans, the Fiancees ("Swan Lake" by P. Tchaikovsky),
Princess Aurora, the Fairy of Lilac, the Fairy of Courage, the Adult Maids of Honor, the Fairies of Gold, Silver and Sapphires, Pas de deux ("Sleeping Beauty" by P. Tchaikovsky)
The Leader of the Dryads, 2 Soloists, the Street dancer, the Friends (“Don Quixote” by L. Minkus),
Odalisques’ Dance, the Soloists in Pirates’ Dance, the Variation of the girl slave, the Variation in the act "Lively garden" ("Corsair" by A. Adan),
Gamzatti, the Shadows (1st and 3rd variations), Pas d'action (“La Bayadère” by L. Minkus),
Juliet's friends ("Romeo and Juliet" by S. Prokofiev),
The Three gypsies ("Anyuta" to the music by V. Gavrilin),
Mirtha, the 2 Vilissas ("Giselle" by A. Adan),
The Two fashionable couples (“Golden Age” by D. Shostakovich),
The 2 Friends ("Futile precaution" by P. Gertel),
Grand Pas, The Dream (2 soloists), Panaderos (“Raymonda” by A. Glazunov),
Variation ("Paquita" by L. Minkus),
Mazurka, Prelude, 2 Soloists ("Chopiniana"),
Spanish dance, the 2 Snowflakes, Waltz of four ("The Nutcracker" by P. Tchaikovsky),
The Countess ("The Queen of Spades" by A. Tchaikovsky),
The Marquesses ("Armida Pavilion" by N. Tcherepnin),
Titania ("Midsummer Night's Dream" to the music by F. Mendelssohn),
Pas de deux ("Esmeralda" by C. Pugni),
The Sister, the Fairy ("Cinderella" by S. Prokofiev),
The Lady in black ("Casanova", the choreography by Yu. Puzakov),
The solo part in the ballet "Rachmaninoff’s Concert" (the choreography by K. Uralsky),
The concerted item "Sonata" to the music by L. van Beethoven,
Pas-de-quatre (the choreography by Perrault, A. Dolin),
Pas de deux ("The Carnival in Venice" by C. Pugni),
Macha and Torero ("Spanish miniatures" by V. Lobos),
The Lady in black (“Walpurgis Night” by S. Gounod),
Ose ("Peer Gynt" by E. Grieg),
Spanish dance (“La Traviata” by G. Verdi).

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