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Marina Nakajima


Emma ("Three Masks of the King" by M. Krylov),
Giselle ("Giselle" by A. Adan),
Little Radish ("Cipollino" by K. Khachaturian),
Esmeralda, Diana, Esmeralda’s friends ("Esmeralda" by C. Pugni),
Gamzatti, Manu, Jumpe, Trio (“La Bayadère” by L. Minkus),
The Friends, 2 Soloists, 3 Soloists (“Don Quixote” by L. Minkus),
Lisa ("Futile precaution" by P. Gertel),
Pas de deux, Mirtha's friends (“Giselle” by A. Adan),
Gulnara, Trio, the 2 Girl slaves ("Corsair" by A. Adan),
Masha, Chinese dance ("The Nutcracker" by P. Tchaikovsky),
The Prince’s Friends, Pas de Trois, the Fiancees, the Little Swans, Neapolitan dance ("Swan Lake” by P. Tchaikovsky),
The Fairy of Courage, the Fairy of Playfulness, the Fairy of Tenderness, the Fairy of Generosity, the Baby, the Fairies of Gold, Silver and Sapphires, Princess Florine, The Little Maids of Honor ("Sleeping Beauty" by P. Tchaikovsky)
The three cards, the Shepherdess ("The Queen of Spades" to the music by A. Tchaikovsky),
Colombina ("Harlequinade"), Niriti ("The Talisman"), the Frescoes ("Little Humpbacked Horse") (the concert program "Grand pas Petipa"),
7th waltz, mazurka, 11th waltz ("Chopiniana"),
Great Waltz (the operetta "The Bat" by J. Strauss),
Pas de Trois (Grand pas from the ballet "Paquita"),
Lidochka ("Taram-param, ni-na, ni-na, or the housing shortage has soured them" to the music by D. Shostakovich).

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