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La Traviata

A new jewel was added to the playlist of Samara Academic Opera House. On Music Day, the 1st of October, the theater opened up its 82nd season with the opera “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi. One of the most frequently performed operas in the world, it is among the 10 best known classical music works. Samara music lovers were looking forward to this event. In premiere shows the main part was performed by invited soloist of Samara Academic Opera House, awardee of international contests prizes, awardee of the national theatre contest “Golden Mask” diploma Irina Krikunova (on the 1st of October) and awardee of international contest prize Tatiana Larina (on the 2nd of October). The role of Alfred was performed by awardee of national contest prize Dmitry Kryzhsky and awardee of national contest diploma Anatoly Nevdakh. The image of Georges Germones was embodied on the stage by Distinguished Artist of Russia Vasily Sviatkin and awardee of national and international contests prizes Andrei Formazov. The show’s director Carlo Antonio de Lucia has created a performance of classical style, in which all components of a musical-theatre show co-exist in harmony with each other. The show’s set design (by E. Solovieva), costumes (by N. Zemalindinova) and actors’ performance on the stage don’t distract us from the main thing – perceiving wonderful music by the great Italian composer, which sounds fresh and expressive performed by the orchestra which is conducted by A. Anisimov, and which exposes the depth of the heroes’ psychological drama when sung in the language of the original.
Production Director - Antonio de Lucia (Italy)
Art Director – Elena Solovieva
Costumer – Natalia Zemalindinova (Rostov-on-Don)
Lighting Designer – Roman Krikunov (Rostov-on-Don)
Conductors – Eugene Khokhlov, Alexander Shameev
Choirmasters – Honored Artist of Russia Valeria Navrotskaya, Olga Safronova
Ballet-Master – Director - Distinguished Artist of Russia Elena Kamenskaya
Directors – Marina Shapkina, Oxana Shtanina
Teacher of Plastics – Vladimir Shachnev

Act 1

A party at Violetta’s. She is introduced to a new admirer, Alfredo Germont. Alfredo does not hide his ardent love for Violetta. At first she would not take him seriously, but when the guests have left, she remains disturbed and contemplates the possibility of loving and being loved.

Act 2

Alfred and Violetta are living together outside Paris. Violetta is secretly selling her possessions to finance their country house. Alfred learns about it by chance and sets out to Paris to get money. While he is away, Violetta is visited by his father, Georges Germont. He asks her to leave Alfred: their liaison prevents his other child from getting married happily. He points out that their relationship is doomed anyway. Violetta is mortally ill, Alfredo’s love is her only joy, yet she agrees to break up.
Violetta leaves for Paris. Alfredo receives a note from her and follows her there.
A ball at Flora’s, a friend of Violetta’s. Violetta comes with Baron Duphol, her former lover. Alfred arrives alone. The atmosphere is tense. Alfredo fails to make Violetta return to him, and makes a scandal. Violetta swallows his insult and keeps her sacrifice secret.

Act 3

Violetta is in her house, alone, out of money, consumed by her illness and preparing to die. She is abandoned by all save for her maid Annina and Doctor Grenvil. Her greatest treasure is Georges Germont’s letter with a promise that Alfred will come to her. At last Alfred arrives, and they reconcile, but it is too late. Violetta’s joy becomes agony, and the two Germonts watch her die.
Composer – Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) Libretto by F.M. Piave, based on the drama by A. Dumas Fils “The Lady of the Camellias”.
Genre: Opera
Language : Italian (with Russian supertitles)
Original title: La Traviata
Title: La Traviata
Duration: 2 часа 45 мин
Acts count: 3
Premiere date: 01 October 2012
Age restriction: 12+

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