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Floria Tosca

The action takes place in June 1800 against the background of these historical events. Italy consisted of the independent cities and the States of the Church in the center of the country. In 1796 the French army under the command of Napoleon invaded Italy, came to Rome in 1798 and established a republic there. The seven consuls controlled the Republic; one of the consuls, Libero Angelucci, could be a prototype of Cesare Angelotti. The French defended the Republic left Rome in 1799, which was occupied by the troops of the Kingdom of Naples.
In May 1800, Napoleon again brought troops into Italy, and on June 14 he met the Austrian army at the Battle of Marengo. Commander in Chief of the Austrian Melas, confident of victory, sent a messenger to Rome, but in the evening, Napoleon received the reinforcements and won. Melas had to send a second messenger after the first one. Following these events, the Neapolitans had left Rome, and the French possess the city for fourteen years.

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Act 1

The church of Sant'Andrea della Valle

Angelotti, an escaped political prisoner, hides in the family chapel of his sister the Marquise of Attavanti. A Sacristan brings food for the painter Mario Cavaradossi who is working there, paining a portrait of St. Mary..
After the Sacristan leaves, Angelotti asks the painter for help, which Cavaradossi promises. Floria Tosca, Cavaradossi’s lover, comes in. Tosca recognizes the features of the Marquise of Attavanti in St. Mary’s portrait and bursts out with jealousy, but Cavaradossi consoles her. Floria leaves. Cavaradossi and Angelotti also leave the church.
The news of Napoleon’s defeat spreads in Rome. They are getting ready for a service to celebrate this event at the church. Scarpia, the chief of the secret police, arrives with his men. He finds the evidence of Angelotti’s stay in the church and uses Attavanti’s fan to awake Tosca’s jealous suspicions when the singer comes back. He sends Spoletta to spy on her, hoping that she will lead them to the painter’s secret shelter.

Act 2
Farnese Palace

In his room Scarpia is waiting for Spoletta. Tosca has brought the spy to Cavaradossi, and the latter is arrested, but Angelotti has not been found. Scarpia orders to bring Tosca into his room. Scarpia starts questioning Cavaradossi, but doesn’t succeed. When Tosca arrives, they take Cavaradossi to a torture. Tosca hears his screams. In despair she discloses Angelotti’s hiding place, the garden well.
Sciarrone brings the news that Napoleon has actually won the battle of Marengo. Cavaradossi won’t hide his joy. Scarpia orders to execute him at dawn. Yet he offers Tosca to save Cavaradossi’s life, if the singer agrees to become his. Floria agrees to his proposal.
Scarpia promises to arrange an execution with blank cartridges. Tosca asks him for a written permission to leave Rome. As Scarpia writes, Tosca sees a knife on the table. When Scarpia approaches her, she stabs him with a knife. Looking at the corpse in terror, the singer carefully wrenches the permission from his dead fingers, and slips out of the palace.

Act 3
Castel Sant'Angelo

Cavaradossi is in prison awaiting execution. Even there he remains a painter. Suddenly Floria runs in. She tells her lover about Scarpia’s death and says that the execution will be mock. Tosca is sure that they will be rescued.
The firing squad appears, they shoot and Mario falls. Only then does Tosca understand that Scarpia has deceived her: the bullets were real. Cavaradossi is dead. Tosca throws herself down from the castle wall.

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Libretto by L. Illica and G. Giacosa
Genre: Opera
Language : Italian with supratitres
Original title: Tosca
Title: Floria Tosca
Duration: 3 часа
Acts count: 3
Premiere date: 22 March 2014
Age restriction: 16+

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