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The Snow Maiden

Production Team:
Stage director Mikhail Pandzhavidze
Musical director Alexander Anisimov
Designer Mikhail Pandzhavidze
Choirmaster Olga Safronova
Choreographer Gali Abaidulov
Video designer Pavel Suvorov


Act 1

Near the Berendeyans' town, The Spring and The Frost agree to let their fifteen-year-old daughter Snow Maiden live with the people. She is adopted by Bobyl and his wife Bobylikha.
Snow Maiden meets Lel and is enchanted by his songs, but is saddened when he goes off with a group of other girls. Kupava announces the return of her betrothed Mizgir. When Mizgir notices Snow Maiden, he is smitten with her and renounces his bride. Kupava brings this effrontery before the villagers, and they advise her to go to the Tsar for redress.

Act 2

In his palace Tsar Berendey decides to wed all the brides and grooms on the same day to placate god Yarilo and get rid of the fifteen-year-long cold spell. Kupava arrives and complains of Mizgir to the Tsar, who decides to expel Mizgir. But these deliberations are disrupted by the appearance of the beautiful Snow Maiden. The Tsar declares that whoever successfully woos Snow Maiden will win both her and a royal reward. Although the maidens present Lel as the likely candidate, Mizgir swears that he will win Snow Maiden's heart.
The Tsar invites Lel to choose a maiden. Despite Snow Maiden's pleas, he kisses Kupava and goes off with her. Snow Maiden, left alone and disconsolate, wonders why Lel has rejected her. Suddenly Mizgir appears and tries once more to win her love. Frightened by his words, she runs off.
Snow Maiden calls on her mother, Spring. Spring gives her daughter a garland. Mizgir appears. No longer able to resist, Snow Maiden professes her love for him.
The Berendeyans, in ritual bride-and-groom pairs, arrive to celebrate Yarilo's Day. Mizgir introduces Snow Maiden as his bride. As she declares her love for Mizgir, a bright ray of sunlight appears, and Snow Maiden bids farewell: the power to love is the source of her demise. To the astonishment of the people, she melts. The inconsolable Mizgir drowns himself in the lake. The Berendeyans strike up a hymn to Yarilo.

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"Снегурочка". Фотоотчет с репетиции

В театре оперы и балета готовятся к премьере "Снегурочки" Римского-Корсакова
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The Snow Maiden
Grandfather Frost
Spring Beauty
Tsar Berendey
Bermyata, a boyar

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844–1908).

Libretto by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov based on the like-named play by Alexander Ostrovsky.

Premiere: 29 January 1882,  Mariinsky Theatre, Saint Petersburg.
Genre: Opera
Language : Russian
Original title: Снегурочка
Title: The Snow Maiden
Duration: 2 часа 30 мин
Acts count: 2
Premiere date: 07 February 2015
Age restriction: 12+

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