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Dilya Shageeva

Serpina ("The Servant-Mistress" by G. Pergolesi),
Gilda (“Rigoletto” by G. Verdi),
Rita (the opera of the same name by G. Donizetti),
Adina ("The Elixir of Love " by G. Donizetti),
Frascita ("Carmen" by G. Bizet),
Ludmila (“Ruslan and Ludmila” by M. Glinka),
Brigitte (“Iolanta” by P. Tchaikovsky),
Prilepa ("The Queen of Spades" by P. Tchaikovsky),
The Polovtsian girl ("Prince Igor" by A. Borodin),
Martha ("The Tsar's Bride" by N. Rimsky-Korsakoff),
Snow Maiden ("Snow Maiden" by N. Rimsky-Korsakoff),
Swan Tsarevna ("The Tale of Tsar Saltan" by N. Rimsky-Korsakoff),
Axinya ("Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District" by D. Shostakovich),
Parasha ("Maura" by I. Stravinsky),
Valentina (“The Merry Widow” by F. Lehar),
Adele ("The Bat" by J. Strauss),
Stassi ("The Queen of Czardas" by I. Kalman),
in the performances for children:
The Princess ("Town Musicians of Bremen" by G. Gladkov),
Alice the Fox (“The Golden Key” by N. Rybnikov),
The soprano part in the ballet "Masquerade" by A. Khachaturyan,
The cantata-oratorio repertoire: "The Solemn Mass" by L.V. Beethoven, "The Wedding" by I. Stravinsky.

The singer’s chamber repertoire includes works by Russian and foreign composers.

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