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It was made into a 1927 silent German film The Csardas Princess directed by Hanns Schwarz. In 1944 it was made into a Soviet operetta film Silva directed by Aleksandr Ivanovsky. It was one of the most successful releases in the Soviet Union that year. Later, in 1981, it was made again into an even more successful Soviet operetta film under the same name, directed by Yan Frid.
Act 1

Silva Varescu, a self-sufficient and professionally successful cabaret performer from Budapest, is about to embark on a tour of America. Three of her aristocratic admirers, named Edwin, Feri and Boni, prefer her to stay. Edwin, unaware that his parents have already arranged a marriage for him back home in Vienna, orders a notary to prepare a promissory note of his expected marriage to Silva within ten weeks. Silva then leaves on her American tour, and Edwin leaves for peacetime military duty.

Act 2

Just at the time this promissory note is about to expire, Silva visits Edwin's palace in Vienna, pretending to have married Boni as her entrée into his family's society. Edwin is about to be engaged to Stasi, who does not care for him and wishes only an arranged marriage. Boni falls in love with Stasi and Edwin regrets not keeping his promise to Silva sooner. However, Edwin makes the faux pas of informing Silva that his parents would accept Silva only if she pretends to have been divorced from Boni and therefore already entered society via an earlier marriage. Edwin's father separately informs Silva that if she marries Edwin without first having achieved noble rank through some other route, her role in society could be merely that of a Gypsy Princess. Silva realizes that she is better than them and has a brighter future than them. She purposefully embarrasses Edwin and his father, turning her back on them and leaving in the presence of their assembled friends.

Act 3

The act is set in a Viennese hotel to which Feri has accompanied the cabaret troupe from Budapest, who is about to sail on another American tour with Sylva. As everyone shows up and recognizes each other, Feri recognizes Edwin's mother as a retired cabaret singer from Budapest whose star once shone prior to Sylva's time. Edwin's mother joins the two couples, Sylva/Edwin and Boni/Stasi, all unwittingly heading to safety on this American tour.
«Сильва» возвращается в Самару
Маргарита Прасковьина
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Возвращение королевы
Александр Владимиров

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Оперетта "Сильва"
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На оперной сцене зазвучала кальмановская «Сильва»
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"Комсомольская правда - Картина дня"
Олег Ракшин, оператор: Галина Щерба.

Сильва Вареску
лауреат международных конкурсов Татьяна Гайворонская,
Наталья Дикусарова,
лауреат международного конкурса Татьяна Ларина

приглашенный солист, дипломант Национальной театральной премии "Золотая маска" Дмитрий Бобров (г.Москва),
Александр Миненко,
лауреат всероссийских конкурсов Георгий Цветков

дипломант всероссийского конкурса Анатолий Невдах,
Алексей Перов

приглашенная солистка Венера Богаткина,
Наталья Бондарева,
народная артистка Республики Ингушетия Татьяна Горшкова,
лауреат международных и всероссийского конкурсов Ирина Янцева

Айгиз Гизатуллин,

Юлиана Воляпюк
Ольга Волкова
Татьяна Кассаева,
заслуженная артистка России Евгения Тенякова,
Галина Шамшина

Князь Воляпюк, отец Эдвина
заслуженный артист России Валерий Бондарев,
Александр Кротов

Помощник режиссёра
Андрей Черняев

Молодой Ронс
Ренат Латыпов,
Александр Миненко,
Алексей Перов,
лауреат всероссийского и международных конкурсов Александр Урманов,
лауреат всероссийских и международных конкурсов Георгий Шагалов

Старый Ронс
заслуженный артист России Валерий Бондарев,
Юрий Проскуряков,
заслуженный артист России Владимир Тимофеев

Камеристки Сильвы
Наталья Лебедева,
Светлана Пономаренко,
Ольга Пудовкина,
Татьяна Холина

Евгений Венгура,
Юрий Проскуряков,
заслуженный артист России Владимир Тимофеев

Рустам Агров,
лауреат всероссийских и международных конкурсов Дмитрий Крыжский,
Александр Миненко,
дипломант всероссийского конкурса Анатолий Невдах,
Алексей Перов

Айгиз Гизатуллин,
Рустам Мусаллямов,
лауреат всероссийского и международных конкурсов Александр Урманов

Лакей, дворецкий
Евгений Венгура,
Артём Шалин,
Владимир Шачнев

Артисты кордебалета "Орфеума" - артисты балета, миманса, студенты Самарского хореографического училища (колледжа)
Emmerich Kálmán (1882-1953).

Libretto by Leo Stein and Bela Jenbach
Genre: Operetta
Language : russian
Original title: Die Csárdásfürstin
Title: Sylva
Duration: 2 часа 40 мин
Acts count: 2
Premiere date: 14 December 2013
Age restriction: 12+

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