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The Golden Key

Music by A. Rybnikov (born in 1945). Lyrics of songs – by Y. Entin (born in 1935)
Genre: Musical fairy tale in 1 act
Language: Russian
Title: The Golden Key
Duration: 85
Number of actions: 1
Date premiere: 22 December 2010
Musical fairytale inspired by the fairytale by A. Tolstoy Production Director - Oxana Shtanina Composer and Music Arranger – Vasily Tonkovidov Art Director – Maria Kazak Choreograph –Director - Victoria Maximova
  • Synopsis:

    Carlo the hurdygurdist finds a talking log and makes a little boy who should held him earn a living. But the boy is too prankish and perky, and always getting into trouble. Instead of obeying his father and going to school, Burattino goes to see the Carabas Barabas show and disrupts it. He deserves a punishment, but gets a reward of 5 gold pieces instead, because Carabas has learnt about a secret door in Carlo’s room and wants to open it.
    A cheater as he is, Burattino is easily cheated. Halfway home, he meets two swindlers, Alice the Fox and Basilio the Cat, who promise to increase his money manifold. He only will have to get to the land of Fools and bury his gold on the Field on Miracles.
    The credulous Burattino swallows the bait. Were it not for Tortilla the Tortoise and toy people from Carabas’s show, the wooden boy would get into much trouble. But what about the secret of the Golden Key? Where would it lead? Which door would it open?..

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