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Musicians of Bremen

Composer Gennady Gladkov (born in 1935). Completely renewed stage version is under preparation.
Genre: Musical Fairytale
Language: Русский
Title: Musicians of Bremen
Duration: 80
Number of actions: 1
Premiere date: 26 december 2012
Age: 0+
 Production Director – O. Shtanina
Art Director – A. Pyrialin

The music for this fairy tale was created by a very well-known Russian composer Gennady Gladkov, born in 1945 and active since mid-1950s. He composed music to many popular movies, TV programmes, animated films and musicals. His works have brought him many national awards.

Gennady Gladkov says he was introduced to the movie industry by his childhood friend Vasily Livanov, a great Russian movie star. It was Livanov who got Gladkov into his very first animated film, an African-themed project titled Most, Most, Most, Most. Since then Gladkov has composed music to over 50 movies and almost 40 animated films.
Gladkov became a national star as a composer of the soundtrack to the animated film Town Musicians of Bremen in 1969. This film became incredibly popular in the USSR because of its brilliant music which incorporated fashionable rock-n-roll style.

  • The young Troubadour and his friends – the Donkey, the Cat, the Dog, and the Rooster – arrive in a city for a performance. In the end of the concert the Troubadour falls in love with the Princess, but her father the King opposes them and evicts the musicians out of the city. They go through a series of adventures to reunite the Troubadour with the Princess. See the Samara Opera production of the show to learn whether they succeed. 

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