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Jing-jing, I am your mother!

Композиторы Жерар Буржуа (1874-1944), Темистокл Попа (р. 1921), Геннадий Гладков
(р.  1935). Текст песен - Юрий Энтин (р. 1935)


Исполняется под фонограмму
Genre: A musical tale
Language: Russian
Title: Jing-jing, I am your mother!
Date premiere: 25 December 2008

Production Team:
Stage director Oxana Shtanina
Assistant director Natalia Belyaeva
Stagemanager Snezhana Koroleva

Musical fairy tale in 1 act
Oxana Shtanina’s play after the Russian folk tale
The Wolf and the Seven Kids

  • Synopsis
    Every adult and every child knows that
    Mother – is the first word we’re saying,
    the best word we’re saying throughout our lives…

    This new version of an ancient tale The Wolf and the Seven Kids is more that just a treat to our younger audience, but also a time machine that brings their parents back to their own childhood. In our theatre the famous tale has become a musical play. With the personalities of the Wolf and the kids changes a little bit, it has become a great and unobtrusive means to reform naughty children.

    Once upon a time there was a Goat, mother of four kids. She loved them as much as any mother does. And the kids were very naughty – a plague for all their neighbours, especially the Wolf who did his best to avoid the young bullies. The Wolf was the favourite target of their pranks.

    Once the Goat was off to a fair and gave the kids a strict order: never open the door to anyone but her. To prove her identity, she would sing them a song:
    Jing-jing, I am your mother,
    I am your mother,
    That’s my home…

    High time to teach the impish kids a lesson. The Wolf will have to go to extremes…
  • Коза - Н.Дикусарова, И.Янцева;
    Волк - Р.Латыпов;
    Ласточка - А.Белякова;
    Цветочек - Е.Гурина;
    Смелый - В.Моногаров;
    Малый - Р.Агров;
    Лис - А.Кротов, В.Батов, Е.Венгура;
    Сорока - Ж.Пчёлкина, Н.Беляева

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