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A Fairytale Coffret

Genre: Children opera in 1 act
Title: A Fairytale Coffret
Age: 0+
Production Team:

Stage director Evgenia Teniakova
Musical director Olga Darvina
Set designer, lighting designer Alexander Pyrialin
Video engineer Vladimir Porotkin
Sound engineer Nikolay Mantsagov
Assistant director Natalia Belyaeva, Snezhana Koroleva

Musical Ensemble

Piano Olga Darvina
Flute Denis Mayboroda
Clarinet Sergey Golovanov
Bassoon Kirill Golchenko
Domra Galina Khusainova
Guitar Eduard Panchugov
Percussion Oleg Bayev
  • Synopsis

    This fairy tale takes place a long-long time ago on the far side of the Volga river. The Russians, the Chuvashes, the Tartars, and the Mordovians live here in perfect harmony in their villages. The peoples help and support one another.
    The dwellers of the Samar settlements are preparing to celebrate the wedding of their governor Ivan and the beautiful Masha. But their peaceful live is constantly disturbed by the savage rogues who plunder and destroy the villages. The leader of the rogues sends a spy to Samar to abduct Masha. Ivan sets out to retrieve his bride…

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