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Your Safety

In order to confirm with requirements of anti-terror measures, there is ongoing video-control of the theatre’s premises, and video-recordings are made.
Spectators are allowed to enter the theatre through its central gate and control line, which is equipped with immovable arch metal detectors, the aim being to expose things which must not be taken into the theatre’s premises. Any other way of letting spectators into the theatre is possible only upon agreement of the theatre’s security service.

A person who has got a cardio stimulator or any other medical appliance must inform the theatre’s administration about this before going through control.
Control with the help of a hand metal detector is applied to spectators with limited physical abilities.

Personnel of the theatre’s security service, together with outsource security agency personnel, have the right to execute survey of things that spectators have got on them, and if necessary – to execute personal survey of spectators with the help of technical gadgets.

In case a spectator is unwilling to go through control, the theatre’s administration has the right to forbid him/her to visit the theatre.
In order to maintain public safety and order, in accordance with current legislation of Russian Federation, the following limitations are set forth for the theatre’s spectators:

Spectators are not allowed to enter the theatre:
- if they have got fire, cutting, gas, pneumatic weapons or ammunition (including imitations of those), personal self-defense sprays, electric shockers or other things, which are constructively meant for hurting people, on them;
- if they are in a state of alcoholic, poisonous or narcotic intoxication, or if they disturb public order otherwise;
- if they have got fire accelerant, explosive, toxic, poisonous, muddy or smelly substances or things on them;
- if they are accompanied by animals.

It’s forbidden to carry alcoholic drinks into the theatre.

Spectators who come to the theatre with lumbers (suitcases, traveler bags, rucksacks or other similar things/objects) must display contents of the latter to security service personnel and guards, and after passing ticket control it’s compulsory that they leave such things/ objects in the cloak-room.

Hand luggage, except personal belongings of small size, must be left in the theatre’s cloak-room.

Woman’s hand bags, briefcases or other personal belongings which are allowed into the theatre must be opened and displayed to guards at the latter’s request.

In case a spectator finds a lost object in the theatre’s premises, such find must be reported immediately to any representative of the theatre’s administration.
It’s not allowed to take such an object, open or move it to another place!

Things forgotten in the theatre and not claimed by any spectator after the show finishes, are to be surveyed by the theatre’s guards, with participation of specialists from Ministry of the Interior and Federal Rescue Service.

In special situations, if a government event is to be held in Kuibyshev Square or in the theatre’s premises, and if duly authorized government or legal institutions order so, personnel of the theatre’s security service may limit or totally close access into the theatre for spectators.

Dear spectators, all these measures are meant exclusively for Your safety!

Thank You for Your kind understanding, and we wish You the most pleasant impressions!

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